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Vuvale Outsourcing along with it's parent company, BDE Group in Australia, provide consulting and outsourced services, primarily to Australian businesses, in the areas of customer service, debt recovery, finance assessment, accounting, technology, software development, as well as providing bespoke workflow automation solutions.


The company is led by an Australian based Executive Team, supported by a talented international workforce based in Australia, Fiji, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.

“At Vuvale, we are redefining what it is to Outsource and Offshore. We strive to maintain an

environment where outsourcing is not a compromise to having a local in-house team -

where your offshore team is reliable, succeeding, and tightly integrated into your local team

and systems.”

                      - Miles Blok, Co-Founder BDE Group, Vuvale Outsourcing

We provide a professional work environment, all required equipment, local HR / payroll management, and employee transport logistics. Our clients benefit from our offshore experience, and technology innovation, as well as the stability and local relationships gained during our management team’s involvement with successful offshore operations for over 15 years.


Vuvale brings extensive experience in offshore operations, call centre technologies and management to each project. Each member of our leadership team has over 10 years’ contact centre experience across Australia, UK and Europe, backed up by an incredibly talented team.

With a hands-on leadership team in both Australia and Fiji, we support our clients to successfully execute their shift offshore and develop a team that is cohesive and tightly integrated to their local, internal teams.

As well as providing offshore staffing solutions, we develop and maintain bespoke workflow and automation software systems to maintain staff efficiency, reduce compliance overhead and automate customer communication. We believe that our paired approach of combining great tech solutions with friendly lower cost offshore staffing sets us apart and leads to an incredible customer experience.



Although well known as a popular holiday destination, Fiji’s well developed outsourcing industry is one of it’s best kept secrets. Whilst Philippines and India are the first countries that spring to mind when it comes to outsourcing, many people are completely unaware that there is a world-class option much closer to home.


The same friendly, hospitable culture that makes Fiji a world leader for tourism, makes it an ideal destination for smart business leaders that are looking to create an offshore hub that will be successful and culturally integrated with their Australian operations.

Our friendly Fiji staff are hardworking, well-educated and responsible. With Fijian schooling conducted in English, their accent is pleasantly "neutral", service is in their nature, and they go about their work with a "Bula Smile".

Along with all of this, the Fijian outsourcing industry has a resilient infrastructure, active engagement and support from the local Government and a dedicated focus on Australia. With over 80% of Fijian outsourcing being to Australian businesses, our client’s benefit from choosing a destination that is geared towards the Australian market.


Being so convenient to travel to and offering such a high-quality talented workforce, Fiji was the ideal destination to move our base and become the centrepiece of our global operations.





With our client partners, we aim to be flexible, light-hearted and easy going.

We spend time to understand our clients, their business and their priorities. Our relationship quickly develops into a partnership, where we become a critical part of their business, not just a supplier.

We’ve got their back, take care of things and provide expert guidance throughout the engagement.

We are grateful for the great partnerships we have developed with all our client partners including those below.

Rapid Finance
City Finance


"BDE Group and Vuvale were instrumental in the Lowes group’s smooth transition from an Australian based call centre of 20 to an offshore call centre with Vuvale in Fiji. 

With a dedicated transition manager, we were able to bridge the cultural gap and have an Australian focused call centre team that understood our customer base, stake holders and our needs. 

Lowes has over 2,000 stake holders including retail store staff. Our retail store staff are extremely pleased with the quality and service that the Vuvale call centre staff provide. 

BDE analysed the Lowes Group needs, both in staffing, as well as technology and redundancy policies. The latter became imperative during the Covid outbreak, meaning that there was no loss of service to our customers or staff during this period of global instability. 

BDE’s ability to supply quality reporting and management, as well as exceptional staff has allowed our Lowes call centre to function with minimal supervision in Australia. After such a great initial success, we have extended our involvement with Vuvale to include telephone reception for the Lowes Group, Customer Care, Accounts Payable, Internal Audit Team, Debt Collection and Finance call centre teams, as well as Graphic Designers and Software Developers. 

I have personally attended Vuvale's Fiji office and can say with all honesty that they go above and beyond, ensuring that their staff are very well looked after and have the best facilities. 

I would very highly recommend BDE Group and Vuvale to anyone who is interested in outsourcing."

George Karindjias
Credit Manager, Ezy-Way, Lowes Group

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